Project History

Much of Buffalo’s current housing renaissance centers around job creation downtown and within the surrounding Elmwood Village. The potential creation of thousands of new jobs over the next couple of years will generate increased demand for housing in the City of Buffalo.
The goal of this project is to continue the creation of a new residential corridor along Elmwood Avenue, while paying tribute to the historic Pierce Arrow architecture, repurposing this magnificent building into rental loft-style apartments.
The Pierce Arrow will join a growing list of historic preservation projects in the City of Buffalo involving the adaptive reuse of previously neglected and underutilized structures. The buildings in the Pierce Arrow Complex were originally constructed between 1905-1911 and designed by architects Albert Kahn and George Cary. By repurposing and bringing back to life– an otherwise underutilized asset. Historic preservation enhances property values, stimulates additional reinvestment, creates jobs, generates increased tax revenues, conserves resources, preserves neighborhoods, and enhances a community’s urban fabric and quality of life.
This $30 million project marks the third-go-around in the last few years for the historic building, which has been on the National Register for Historic Places since 1975.
This project will convert a once vacant former industrial property into loft-style rental apartments and will meet a growing need for housing in the City of Buffalo. The Pierce Arrow’s unique architecture and adaptive reuse residential loft style design will afford a trendy urban lifestyle and will play an important role in Buffalo’s renaissance.

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