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Luxury Apartments

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Expected in April 2021, The Pierce Arrow Lofts will have 105 luxury apartments for lease. Click below to view availability, pricing, floor plans, or submit an application today.

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The redevelopment of the Pierce-Arrow Administration Building in

North Buffalo is happening now!

Located at 1695 Elmwood Avenue, the project includes 105 luxury loft apartments, complete with a planned 100-seat restaurant that will occupy the domed auditorium on the second floor.

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These luxury lofts will be designed as high-end apartments, consistent with the high esteem the Pierce-Arrow has held in the past.  A mix of one, two, and three bedroom apartments will be offered as well as a fitness room, shared lounge with wi-fi, along with retail shops and a restaurant.   Residents will  have a place where they can congregate, create relationships, and have delicious meals.

New landscaping and crabapple trees along Elmwood and Great Arrow will replicate the trees that existed on the site in the 1920s.

Plans are also in place to renovate the long one-story garage in back, at 1721 Elmwood, into a new 44,751-square-foot parking facility for the tenants of the Pierce-Arrow Lofts, with 110-122 spaces.  More parking would also be added around the exterior of the 1.52-acre site.

On the exterior, the brick will be restored to its original condition, windows will be replaced and  some original canopies will be re-created on the front of the building. The parking building will feature textured concrete block. A secure walkway will take tenants back from their cars to the apartment building.

The Pierce Arrow Lofts will join a growing list of historic preservation projects in the City of Buffalo, involving the adaptive reuse of previously neglected and underutilized structures.  This project is designed to meet a growing need for housing in the City of Buffalo, created by a growing employment base.

This $30 million project marks the third-go-around in the last few years for the historic building, which has been on the National Register for Historic Places since 1975.

This is a building that really represented what Buffalo was like in the 1930s and 1940s, and by bringing it back to life, it will truly add some significance and elegance to what Buffalo once was.

We’re excited to welcome the first tenants to Pierce-Arrow Lofts. Read More!

This $30 million project marks the third-go-around in the last few years for the historic building, which has been on the National Register for Historic Places since 1975.

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A Green Project

Geo-Thermal Energy System

Remnants of the Pierce Arrow Complex are being re-purposed by developers for housing, and the Elmwood Avenue landmark is getting what may be the area’s largest geothermal energy system.

Travelers who passed the old office building during the re-construction phase saw a lot of debris and orange netting, while hearing loud pounding and crashing noises, but they also witnessed some odd-looking equipment brought in to drill wells – 50 of them – to be used by the geothermal heating system.

The new Loft building is designed to have 50 wells that are all 350 feet deep, and will be combined, inside the building, into one large heat exchanger. The heat pumps are then installed inside the building to generate heating or cooling, necessary to condition the various spaces.

This may be the largest ever geothermal system in this area. It is somewhat more expensive to install, but a lot cheaper to operate.

It is green energy and free energy that comes from beneath your feet to heat and cool a building.  Once the system is installed, the payback period is a very short period of time, for the life of the system, and the reduced energy costs are up to 70 percent.  So, it is a very smart thing to do.

The geothermal system costs about $1 million and will heat and cool the more than $34 million conversion into 107 apartment units, a restaurant and some office space.

Other work to help keep heating and cooling costs down includes the installation of insulation and energy-efficient windows.

Building the elaborate geothermal system takes the entire duration of the project as completing all of the necessary steps depends on all other aspects of the construction as walls are needed before piping and mounting of heat pumps can occur.

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Pierce Arrow Lofts in the News

Big Reveal: Pierce Arrow Apartments

The new owner of the administrative building at the Pierce Arrow complex is moving forward with redevelopment plans.  Pierce Arrow KANAKA, LLC is proposing to convert the building at 1695 Elmwood Avenue into 105 loft apartments and a 100-seat restaurant.  The development firm headed by Dr. Gregory F. Daniel bought 1695 and 1721 Elmwood Avenue for $4.3 million from Brooklyn-based Read Property Group in January.

The Pierce Arrow Lofts

1695 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY

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